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Specialty Connect


Who We Are

MHCSI Specialty Connect is Sobeys National Pharmacy Group’s “concierge” specialty service provider. Our expertise is supporting patients requiring specialty medications, their caregivers and health service providers with client care solutions that complement existing services provided by pharmaceutical patient assistance, reimbursement support, and payor programs.

What We Do

Specialty medications are used to treat complex and chronic medical conditions. Patients are often overwhelmed with navigating medication coverage and treatment plans. MHCSI Specialty Connect works to simplify this process by being “right where you need us” to provide a seamless experience so patients and their healthcare providers can focus on care rather than paperwork and logistics.






Patient Support Program


Other Health Care Providers




Patient Caregivers

Why It Matters

Specialty medications are typically used to treat chronic medical conditions that require specialized care. MHCSI Specialty Connect is a pharmacy-lead risk assessment and patient management solution that focuses on patient-specific factors and oversees appropriate mediation use that prioritizes patient safety and adherence, and thereby maximizes treatment outcomes and controls costs.

  • Collaborates with Patient Assistance Programs and Health Case Managers
  • Coordinates and confirms payor coverage/ reimbursement
  • Streamlines communication between patients, caregivers and healthcare providers
  • Provides education and clinical verification on specialty medication & disease management
  • Educates on clinical, medication, health and disease information
  • Registers patients with their preferred pharmacy network provider
  • Confirms logistics for in-store medication pick-up or delivery
  • Monitors adherence and ongoing patient care
  • Reports on key service metrics

MHCSI Specialty Connect also provides additional patient support, including coordinating patient education, medication therapy management, health coaching, and other services to manage other acute or chronic health conditions or concerns that patients may have.

Quality • Service • Commitment

Patient Care

Confirmed consent and service confidentiality.

Quality Assurance

Independent clinical verification of medication appropriateness.

Payor Navigation

Appropriate investigation and optimization of payment resources.

Patient Education

Thorough and consistent education and support provided to patients and pharmacy from our clinical pharmacists with advanced therapeutics training.

Pre-Qualified Shipment Solutions

Assured access, transport and storage of temperature sensitive products to the patient administration destination.

Medication Adherence

Identified adherence issues and improved medication use through customized solutions and surveillance.

Data Collection & Analysis

Quantified appropriateness of therapy, adherence, and turnaround times for prescription initiation to fulfillment, treatment outcomes, and other supportive health strategies.

Expertise to prioritize patient safety and adherence; maximize treatment outcomes and control costs

Contact Us:

Contact our team of administration specialists and clinical consultant pharmacists:

1-888-686-6427 option 2